I have HAD it
      call the cops with their blue lights and badges
   my oh my
  I have HAD it
call the town around for the outsiders opinion,call the witches out for the dramatics
my oh my
I have HAD it
Call the Judge to provide us with order and for the knocking on the wood, call the children for their eyes can see the clearest and the good.
Call the old for their wisdom is well earned,call the new for their purity: we need to be reminded of our capacity.
Call the the married for their loyalty, the single for their Independence. the single because they are tired and weary of fighting all alone. while your at it why don't you call in those loners and even the rebels how about the freedom singers OH and freedom BOOKS! leave out NONE of the chapters.call the brave older fighters whose wives stitch up eyes and spend hours boiling stove top chicken noodle soup 
Tell em i got a single match in my hand
a shaky one at that
and I'm not afraid to use i.t.
let them know the day has come where I'm holdin' up both arms singing
my oh my 
I have HAD it
call the men with the white robes and fire torches,call their evil spirits too,we need to see some dark things... some literal enemies. call the whore for she is fragile, call the orphanage for our humanity, call the righteous for they are humble, call the willing for their bravery,call the able for they have strength,call the sick and call the dying for they are the ones who have felt this before ANY of us.they are the ones that are always ready and wide awake
always UP
up for a good pick me up or a,
"a public healing a radical saving."
 I have HAD it
   call the city of your dreams and mine too,because we all need someplace we call our own someplace to love and be loved - how important.
call the teacher that struck you for this is the hour that heals you both. you from the burden and them from the guilt. a real reconciliation:

..."the coward and the crucified"... combined.

CALL the outlaw, call the hero, and the man of your dreams
(these three should be called together, like math ie. 1+2=3 )
Call the heartbreak,call "LOVE" at its best, then dial it when its at its worst and scribble down what went wrong or something,
call rejection for this too is involved this too is part of the "great equation." Call the tears BACK from your pillow,yes, right where you left them,call the whole world for it is wordly and it is the world and wide,call the actors for all the fantasy, call the newscaster who will call the president and give us a real plan of action. Call up your enemies and call up your best friends,explain the whole story,hold nothing back,call them and fill both parties in.

 (compare after)

Call your loved ones and write down what their middle names are exactly and while you are at it call in THE families so we can say we are SO sorry and my GOD we didn't mean! call em because blood is the color of everything call them and give them flowers from a field for the feeling:over the telephone you get tons of questions:
 a note? oh um uh just have it say something simple and short just have the note say oh um mm uh
just have the card say:
" hello,i have had it."

 I have HAD it.
call me crazy but i needed the public for a split second i actually wanted you "here" 

in those exact places stay real still.

I have HAD it and i just needed you all to know that 
i have had it
subtract it divide it sum it and round it add it up to