oh ,
it spins me in such a spirial!
image comes across my-
watch as :
the kissing goes away
with time and distance.

critical of mostly,myself.
for the right reasons.

im alive even though i am not making any noise
dead is the last thing on my mind it was the digging we enjoy.

he was something i could spoil,
 i won't wake you:
up from sleeping or take you:
  away from your work -    and
keep focus" sorry to be calling now.."
with my silence ,
and my ways,
and my longing sad nature,
and doe eyes, and quiet mouth. oh!- hear that go off,watch the fire oddly start and then just....stop. as if i was in charge of nature,naturally,no.

tricking you is the last thing i will ever do.

don't let me ever fool you
with the shape of my eyes,look past the lines
i've never lied,never lied to you ,
to you.

the worst is here
the worst is here
the worst is almost over

its all significant

im so much better with basic shapes
and lines

alone-i am all alone

i am saving my heart for one man from now on.