when you lay your face down on pavement you will never become a vehicle or even part of the street

I will stand before
and apologize

i allow my heart to break
as if it was asked to

just as I ask my mouth
to form a rainbow

in a time of pressure

smile for me now :click:
i blinked.

shame comes in new forms
like a river or a stream
in the autumn carrying all sorts
of multi colored leaves.

i am taking off my sweater
I am tossing of my boots

i am throwing down my gloves

I am going back to the Forrest
and leaving a trail
of all those things that won't ever
define my being.

i blame the wizard
i blame all the same things
on his words
and his touch
and his feet.

i am writing down sentences
i never want to tell
I never want to hear
i never want to be

i am painting pictures
of dark women with dark eyes and dark stones
surrounding them

wont you travel to
the most depressing place on earth
where Communism reigns
and no one screams

where Russian shoulders take
more than someones dignity

a house made of mud with a family of
eating rice or pork or strawberry's

I see this face each time i wake up
and I scream at it
in my own words
I scream out everything!

I hear your words
so genuine
so delicate
so sweet

i put on my cape
and pretend

like its all part of my wanting
like i've waited for it all this time

the truth is im just a bottled up

but its not that complex to me.


Libby Broocks said...

my little lou
i need you to know
that this made me cry

i suppose its the mixture of missing you
and of someone else knowing exactly what my heart thinks.

i think i hate living apart

tom and johno said...

how do you come up with such amazing words?
i'm in awe.