your laces are more than just tied.

with this pale iridescent skin-of ours
his eyes aren't looking down they are 
ferociously narrowing in

its barley coffee and yawning 
and your calling this day a waste 

wadding it up into a paper ball
missing the garbage bin
with your feet propped up on
that wooden table
of mine
and i just sit there
with 2 hollow eyes
and a baby doll mouth.

its not even morning paper time
and your already calling this day a waste.


lauren said...

did you get that picture off ffffound? i uploaded that to the site from this girls livejournal i follow in seattle. she made those shoes

Anonymous said...

its soooo weird how small the world aka the internet aka ffffound is. those are the greatest shoes!

rebekka said...

Miss you Ethel.

rebekka said...


I mean Lucy.