well we are originally from liverpool but we just ended up in new york for a few weeks would you like some whiskey?

those who are transporting you back to your bed
by car
have had too much to drink

worrying solves nothing

worrying solves nothing

it's replacement is my thought process
from last week:

as if my body
then wanders
as I sleep.

the way my mind finds
new places to fool
itself. into believing

there is reality
instead of a dream.

Then some idiot interrupts your mind
hes smoking like a chimney
and clingin' to a tambourine.

do you mind? won't you quiet down?

when I am lacking
a lonely cloud
blank paper
foggy eyes
ship no sea.

I fall asleep
into that transitory
of our ghostly beings.

she wanders in the night
while I lay
as I rest my eyes

she wanders with hope
of a sea
or land
of a face
a journey
a key.

the mornings go like this
falling in love
with something
others let go of
because its just too hard
and pain is never fun
and crying in the back of a car
with an ugly sweater on
with rotten teethe
and dirty hair

the radio is playing some song now that does its best to force you to sing along
if the radio only knew the condition of my mood:

Cause I'm as free as a bird now,
And this bird you ll never change.
And this bird you can not change.
Lord knows, I cant change.
Lord help me, I cant change!

your car stops and some strangers pile in

all men.

some guy who smells of cloves & magic with
music note hair
in his mouth
all over his
magicall face
is offering you a drink

-Whats in there?
-gin and whiskey

-you'd make a terrible scientist

i think.

He sings along
along with his friends
and lynard

Cause I'm as free as a bird now
cause I'm as free as a bird now
Cuz as free bird now as I am

great....everyone knows these words-even worse than me

We arrive at some apartment complex
off 17th

and they are leaning in for it
the cardinal sin

a hug goodbye as I sit in my seat

why are you hugging me? what part of our souls should meet?
do I owe this to you? because you sang a song next to me in
the backseat?

I stick out my hand and we shake on it

As we travel back to my home
I wonder why I didn't wash my hair
and why I wore this sweater,,,,
also, if they were really from Liverpool
or just crazy thespians?

minutes later

I return to my bed

and transcend into
the abyss

spirit rises
spirit leaps

I'm not really into magic
he says
what are you scared of?
oh just everything..