concealing moonlight


If I am hidden. 

Whether in dream sequence(s) or in a form of reality
I find myself here. funny how the story goes. 
that of finding myself.  a tale of being hidden so long.
 I remain warm. though the trees whisper in my ear 
"why oh why do you smile ? why oh why do you remain within these woods?"
the snow mocks my rosy cheeks.
 the branches lend a hand in 
dancing the fox trot and make believe sipping tea. 
oneday perhaps I won't be this way. 
 I spell out in the snow 
" SAFE" 
& the trees turn there branches up
 forming a smile. 
they rejoice in the truth that 
life isn't made up of adventures only.
 sometimes its about those years
within my youth
the times we
 don't charge at every single opportunity.
  I am a sailor of many ships
 in my own right.
 I am a baby within each moonlight.
you will find me
you will see me
in the rare
when the snow melts
before the tide is near.
the way a baby in a basket knows not of its dilema

I am found within the moonlite.