misery's love affair with attention: my attempt to express to you why I refuse to live on pins and eggs. how blood has made me free.

you enter into the dark
hooded and with gaurd

each note pounds
into your senses
into the deepest part of our
all of it,every bit

as a sponge you
might soak it in
breathe in the grey
swallow all the black
and when you wake
you wake.thats all thats it.

Through the grey
I have peace
through the noise
my heart longs for you.

he is here
he is in there

and you might think
you feel the abscene of his
all powerful being

all his ways
all his love

arrogance solves nothing
today I declare

no matter where I stand
or where I walk
or where I sail

He is there
He is peace.

oh poet of a creator!
you have designed beauty to
within everything

oh foolish of men!
how aroggant to think
that you are the ones
to decide what is beauty?

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