we fear no evil , we fear no evil we fear, not.

from the globe you left me
to my treasures of affection
all carried from the same ship
that brought you here
with the tide and with the rain.

throughout every mountain
every moment in vain

your face is clear without any

for anyone else than a perfect love.
pure nostalgia
pure future

I remember your words
blessed are the pure at heart for they will see God

I recite your promises
I rest in the concept
this amazing thing
these indescribable

waves of loves
waves of everything.

I feel you when I am small
I feel you when I have grown old
short to tall
I feel you in the darkness of the night
I hear you when lies are fighting
there way through

through the silences

this white noise
a room of babies
the screeching that
most emotions tend to make

at my window
between my sheets
on my back
on my face
by my heart
above my door
with each street
i turn

there is no room for you here
dear coward of the night
there is simply no room
for this thing called fear
like a ghost that will stalk
who fights and fights

a dark cloud that haunts the young
the afflicted day by day
carried through the night
shoulders to spine

we leave our ruined coats
by the cosmic hole
left in space
we leave this
coward of a cloud