I always intended to follow you,anyways.

As I walked back
towards my 17
fresh epiphanies
of guilt and heart
muttering demands to my ears
I must not run from the mirror
resting on the wall in front of me

My reflection is horror
the skin beneath my eyes
lacking as the widows orphans
desperate as the whore
who wakes in the same clothes
iives by the catch that is one passed
t w e n t y - o n e.

lacking as your future-will be.
hear me,oh great being!
of the ocean
of all the skies

Within the depths of your uncertainty
Draped over your heart with snow flakes

new shapes
weird texture
oh! such design.
unplannd symentry

my casket colored heart
waits in line
my little girl eyes
swimming into the Atlantic
of your wool shaped sleeves
moving cautiously towards those
bones that display your cheeks
just right.

moon to moon sea to sea
-i am found under bridges
-placed aside new failures
-buried just passed
-one dozen oak trees

i request that my lungs by planted
right next to the stones that
resembled by two front teethe

i plead for you to tip your hats
on the day I die
honoring my failures
not great accomplishemt
unless worldwide
is worth anyones praise
beside the ones found in a
newbons eyes.

today was the day I let go of pride
although today was the same day I died.

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