my galactic future was the color of your aura except a bit more pink.

The Cosmos have been your abberation apoun all these rocks and I know it
just south of your heart,you are holding each galaxy hostage

like a loon on the prey/mission tunnel vision included.

your pompisity was unbearable
so we shut our ears as soon as we landed by the sea.

within each particle of your being
in disbelief-unfaith

Each paragraph and run on sentance and fallacies
willowing over your thoughts of
thin, thin layers of ice
over your lake of apocryphal deeds.

And whats to come of your accomplishments?
half built house,brick shamefully exposed
forsaken by the visonary
who placed you this way.

your next door neighbor will be taking her morning walk of rainworry
shes crying again
those ugly tears of depression,and the happiness that visits you between.

fedmuns above ground pool was leaking again
and you hated it.

As much as we try to shut our eyes to ugly
or on the contrary,righteousness

we are stuck in the same circle of being.
you start to reacall

those moments in that african village which
continues to
celebrate inside of you

like a childs birthdayparty lacking ballons.

once you awake
you realize
you have 50 pounds left in your pocket
and a blind appetite to his senses.

last summer

i got lost on this busy street
lacking:maps,my napsack+coins

i was lacking everything!

getting lost on a busy street
a galaxy filled with babel esque
tounge and cheek.

my grandfather once told me

you always have to be braver than the next girl."

luckily,fredrick was sent.a bilinguly greek.

most lovely things appear within the appropriate century.

and i'ts magic!