the day I fell in love with a ghost was the same day I found a piece of gold underneath the mediteranian sea

if you were ever in love
then put on the chopping block
and seen as some sort of traitor or heartache or something quite green

i bet you the fortune tellers would tell you one thing
he was a ghost
you were nieve

i wrote out this letter once....begging

'could you
maybe see yourself
the way you wanted to see me?
in the most diligent lighting
in the most delicate gown
drifting in the sea

I looked across the dock and saw the ways his aqua colored heart was tied up to work alongside his pair of norwegian eyes
each blink,each breathe kept screaming


resulting in self doubt

i'm not sure i'm capablae of loving that gently'
with such an empahasize
on the tone of each breathe
hush hush hush

i've never been nostalgic to such delicate memories

sometimes when I pace my wooden floorboards
connected to the house on clevine street
i think to myself

who is remembering my sleepless nights
all these specific dissabilites

was I rememberd in: a translucent type of way?

feelings often tell eachother
they huddle together
we will find a way to rise up
and look past our bruises
slaps to the cheek
& skinned knees

when the clock hit 35236236326236263

hes regretting his fingertips
were not soft enough
to love me
calling me crazy at 4am
in the middle of a burning building
all i was trying to do was wake up and get free

all he was doing was pretending
to rip the lace off my gown
and hope it burnt

i turn to a moth
racing toawrds the flame
center of the building

if a man ever loved you
he has turned into some sort of ghost
without rest he will hover over your four post victorian bed
singing songs that never let you be

that black and green ink
on his foreams
is telling you hes got no plans
past that dive bar on 17th
or the spanish chapel
your mother was married in
when she was 18

dear sir
i am but a moth
with bottled up sea dreams.

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