17 reasons to leave czech

Remember that day we couldn't comprehend anything that Hungarian woman in the south harbor flea market was saying?

you kept moving your lips
so slowly
as I placed
my Swedish colored forehead
on your Parthenon of a shoulder.

we went back to America
empty handed that year

I mostly blame myself for the hesitation
that comes with plastic rings and foreign smelling things.
Do you remember the subtitles
that never appeared
beneath our golden heads?

two clouds
that disagree on rain
leave it all up to the sea

I have a feeling
obtains a bit more strength.
Will he be able to handle the pressure
of weather and earthy mood swings

This woman on channel 7 is telling us it is a great day for a picnic
Unfortunately, both our tummies were full
Having just binged on the hefty shift in currency.

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more_thanhorses said...

Libby told us your story last night ... so Nattie Port - Zachy B ... but without the dead mom and addiction to anti-depressants. But the airport stuff is pretty similar and if it had rained that would've been awesome ... but rain in the airport probably would've been a terrorist attack. Anyway - that's the best story ever and if you aren't currently writing a novella about it ... I'm going to ... so you should probably copywrite it. K?

Come visit so I can meet Libby's mini-her.