the draft has always been a scary thought for most young adults.

if you happen to be sitting by your grandfather one day and he is telling you a story about bullets or blood and a war he once fought and lost or even should most likely pay attention.
there are many things we can learn from battle
from loss from gain from white flags and fog
flags are not only used for war you know
neither is the color white

some boys wear there innocence on their sleeves
shouting it with a trumpet for the city to see.
and we laugh and we wish we could write a novel
or a sonnet
or a sentence
describing how much we hate being the lesser
some women just give things away
because they were never given
the thing that they long for
the one thing that we as humans need.

if you picture yourself in a battle scene
there is dirt on your face
and on your shoes
and on your tongue
and on your knees
you are cold
you are hungry
you are afraid
and there is dirt on your face

you most likely will receive the word: retreat.
if you picture yourself immersed in victory
with a beautiful woman on your arm oneday
and a family
white picket fence
thank you letter from the president

I bet you
you dust the dirt off your knees
wipe your tears
and carry on to victory.

no white flag in sight
that,you don't need.

Perseverance is the catalyst for victory

thats all you need to know about that.
now go to sleep.

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m*buckley said...

it has been, how do you say, a long time. Chip and i now have baby! how you?