journeyed over this sand for a plastic seat.

In your lifetime you will most likely come in contact with the entire world you will hold every type of hand you will feel multiple palm temperatures . you will love certain beings. you will want to cradle there hearts inside your own. sometimes we cherish particularly. you will die for them . not really but you would-you swear it. you wouldn't. we were never actually trained to be this brave. You will mostly likely overuse your telescope-searching for the perfect puzzle piece. a corner piece to your center.
the gems you once cherished become stones and you are just so upset because you are sitting in some sort of lake you are wet you are hungry but you can't eat another bite and you are lovesick. you are lovesick for someone you claim you have yet to meet. but i bet you that in your lifetime you will come in contact with every type of human being. so if you are standing in this lake alone and you are crying then you most likely wont climb out you will probably just sink.
sink and
sink and
sink and
sink and

Clementine hated things to be damp.
any type of dewy
she even avoided kitchen sinks.

her tonsils would swell
and her toes would bleed
eyes kept falling down

holding an entire planet in her hand
fantasizing about wolverines and bugs and
rusty things.

she would just sit and she would sink.
clementine needs you more than you need me.

After the rise of the frivrian sun
we climb over these white sand castle mountains
there seemed to be some sort of mistake
now now now
don't lose our temper
we are just travel in-g
to the farthest place
from here

the end of the sea,or perhaps a jungle where this sand is unseen
our tour guide was promising things to me
he kept twirling his locks and saying stuff like
Shoop bip bop something forgien..something I don't know how to read.

he took us to this place where they served us
di-gusting soup
and maybe even a grilled cheese

all i know is i was sitting in this diner
with white fingernails
a farmer on my left and a wolf on my right.

and for the first time in my life
although empty and bloodshot

I was staying on beat.

One day when you wake up and there is a spoon stuck to your hollow cheek your going to thank me. for warning you about all those things your not supposed to cheat.

i guess it was time to eat,the soup of the day was monsterish and watery.

We came 4,000 miles to feel the back of this bench
all this plastic
all this filth
all this heat.

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Allie, Dearest said...

I still haven't seen you since you've been back.
How broken is this fallen world...