bones crystalls & gold

It was found crystallized
pearlized for centuries and centuries
way before your time
Clementine kept asking herself why dinosaurs didn't stick around to experience the joy of jet packs and time travel
she just kept drawing these terrible pictures in her sketchbook of the ugliest dinosaurs you have ever seen!
I'm not even sure if they were real species
but they were ugly.

Yesterday I found a piece of bone in my garden
i'm almost 1345% sure that it was pterodactyl bone
but then again I've never been good at estimates
or risks
or calling into radio stations and winning tickets.

Around 1 pm I found myself in some sort of Forrest sparkly gem colored nook
inside there was at least 23 galaxies and a few lavender colored tigers

When I drew what I saw it came out looking like some sort of miracle
clementine doesn't believe in miracles
or god
I think its because she hasn't wanted to see a miracle
so she wrote it off as luck

if you ask me :galaxies are miracle's
so are fresh babies
and that thing you feel inside when you do something that is right.

even if you can't grasp the idea of right
you feel it
you smell it
you hold it
you know its real.

I was sitting in this room the other day
there was lots of kids sittin around
asking all these question
producing all this sound
I am sittin in this room
I recall:
lots of smoke
lots of words
lots of people with invisible signs on their foreheads
mostly all question marks
I was sitting there and all of the sudden it hit me
one day one of us is gonna be wrong

and it doesn't matter if you come from a family of lawyers
and you find some sick sick pleasure in always winning
I bet in the end
you won't smile when you've won
you might cry for the person who wanted what was behind
door number 3

so they are placing this piece of gold around your neck
and mostly likely there is some sort of harp music in the background
perhaps streamers
maybe even cake

even if you hate cake
you like that its there

clementine always wanted me to know I was crazy
maybe its because she read my project file
the one with all the poems about the sky and Iceland and night
I guess it was too far away from her train track mind

the point is. I'm sitting there,you are too..I'm standing up with some piece of gold around my neck with tears in my eyes because you were afraid of left turns and chicken salad and ice cream trucks and the women with the hats on Sunday morning and you were afraid of waking up and going to sleep and overseas flights and passport stamps and foreign languages and taco Tuesday and used book stores because 'god knows whose hands have touched these pages before!" and you always loved your mother and you were so desperately sad because she never fully appreciated you because she was busy

I'm standing up
and their is clapping
with gold around my neck
and Ive won
and all I can think about is...
you read my project file
and always lied to my face
my pale norweigian face
and now your wrong
and I've won
and for some reason
some terrible reason
I'm the one that's crying.

Clementine, I wish you could understand
I don't want to win alone.
not even once.
not even after our fights.

I found this bone in my back yard the other day
I swear it was crystalized.