wedding of weeds

you exceed your worst fears of
everything that is over 100 degrees with
the line between the quest of happiness
and the quest of adventure and
you ask yourself:
you don't even write this down

are all girls supposed to be this brave?

What is it about a tall man

that is new that is forgien
opposed to that boy you've loved
from the moment your heart new how
to operate

and I sit there in a wonderful moment
and dare myself not to break

I ask my mind
to please
stop reminding me
of how much
I love you.

I will eject the disk
of all this scrambled electronics
when the water is bad
and your on the 27th floor
in a broken elevator
your anxiety slaps the face of reason
and logic
so you are grabbing hold of this gypsy
who keeps trying to read your palm
your lines your lines
they are so strong
your lines they weave
into a new sea
so afraid of your own head

when the doors open up
your space is requested
your future: set in place.

Cause when I went to this one gathering
with all these wild animals
and a grouping of censord monsters
who were asked to sit quietly in the back
they kept bringin in all the precious flowers
and you just laugh and pull out from your pockets
all those weeds you've been savin'
rainy day or sunshine
it didn't matter

cause weeds are sometimes just as beautiful as that wedding bouquet
both represent something that will be
trash or treasure
one mans...well you know

it ended with this
it starts when I remember
that I will always love the first man
that I thought loved me.


Libby Broocks said...

your last sentence here is brilliant.

always loving the first man that you thought loved you.

so true
and so well said.

Sarah Kathryn said...

i think i slapped fleshtube. not sure. i told people i did though. i just vaguely remember smacking the side of his head and then telling everyone. he for sure won't talk to me anymore. i had a good laugh about it.