you have sailed in my mind.just 10 thousand times.

when I was asked what I was running away from, who I am running toawrds and what it is that makes my feet move quickly I cant help but answer no no no. I've never felt a need to flee. I was not caught in a spider web. was not trapped between. Or was I? Or is this adulthood? Or something like it. And i can't help but think things like:
how many miles to academia street?
when do you think I will not be so afraid of human touch?
because it really does terrify me. touch.
and to think that these girls they just pitch up tents
and give theres away
and I cant help but tell myself:
close your mouth
there is nothing new about mistakes

from my summer afternoon to your nights winter I will wonder
put the same songs on repeat
and when we all die....and when..we all die.

something about new countries
strange new smells
colorfull currency
that to me equals play money

something about accents
and bus rides
and meters
and new sewing machines

makes me miss everything..

seasons are seasons because they will soon change
and today I missed home just because it rained.

and tommrow I will hope everything stays the same

my bottle ship heart
oh dear

my bottle ship life.