check yes then check everything else

All I could ever answer growing up
was everything and anything
with the exception of yes or no.

don't you ever feel its your duty to fill people in?
so thick,just like fresh warm cement
in the park and by the mall

this is my life
here is your trophy.

Mystery is never something that we really have to work on
it has more to do with how important you think you are
or aren't

then theres these things
found in tabloids
stretched out across our tv's
and there is just this mass of teethe
like really intimidating teethe
I'm trying to get my point across by saying
huuuuuuuuuge teethe.

and these girls they are opening their mouths and
the next thing you know : your taking notes
on why her relationship has failed and how she stays so fit
and how parties are so boring unless your on the list

and you are ' impor-tant' and you are a faucet
that refuses to be fixed

beautiful things are often beautiful because we
cannot put them in a jar
or on a shelf
with a label
they cannot be organized like everyone else.

flip to channel 19
and shes sobbing
telling us about that time when
she was just 3
and she was abused
and it was expensive to fix
so buy her new product
and this and that and me me me me me.

flip to channel 2
and your asking yourself...
how does your local news reporter
not break down half way through?

"there was a plane crash and your favorite art teacher from the 8th grade died...sorry ,Eleanor."

Well it was more like a fill in the blank

you see what I mean about mystery?

life is just about filling in blanks.
just like those quizzes we got in grade three.

sometimes there is nothing you can say about death.

You see

All I could ever say growing up
was everything and anything
with the exception of yes or no.

sorry for your loss,and a million other things.


Anonymous said...

Louisa! You and your beautiful's been so long since I've seen it.



Libby Broocks said...

so...since i have kiddie pills, i didn't have the attention span to read all of this.


i was also stumped by this sentance.

"so thick,just like fresh warm cement"

it is gross.
it made me gag.

chainsaw said...

please publish a book already


i miss u

its true