campfire smoke & blackouts

Senegal was just a stopover
all I can remember from sitting on that airplane
was how tall these men were
in their neon vest
waking me up
wake up
wake up
their dark dark skin
rich and beautiful
they smelt of campfire
and spoke in only french

I kept telling myself

10 more hours
8 more hours
move move move your feet

these people they leave for freedom
and we all flee our birthplaces
at some point,we have to come
face to face with our mistakes

these babies their tears are caused by
there parents poor desciens
or perhaps there parents parents
mistakes & blame
and a spoonful of sugar
all the same

Stellenbosch is warm
my heart has three big dot dot dots
and one exclamation point

and the power is shut off at least twice a day
so my curls rejoice!

I am cheerful in my warm little teacup, I am happy here by the sea.

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samantha said...

"so my curls rejoice!"

i love this picture. very nice!