romantics love france

when his inbox became bombarded with questions
filled to capacity: robot voice alerting

humans are like mixed media paintings,a combination of everyone good we've ever seen
Just like the prettiest song you've ever heard
a combination of all the best words
sincere melodies

you've got mail

and the message said :

happiness is the feeling achieved when we are too busy to notice sorrow or worry

you've got mail.

I watched the most romantic memory the other day

it involved all these trees and the prettiest decorations hanging from the ceiling

I suppose he was my best friend,or perhaps we were engaged.

Skip to the morning I discovered that my fingertips were uniquely soft
and shaped like stars

and the message said:

…no matter how much you think you love somebody, you’ll step back when the pool of their blood edges up too close

those debutante balls were so nauseating, find a trophy here! walk down the aisle of uva-b-c-ancer rays,sweater sets,acrylic tips and empty left sides of the bed
because hes at the office and hes running late
and its 5am
and I wont be here when he gets home
ill be at the gym

And married people always think love is the answer.

sometimes we don't make mistakes in front of the mirror but behind a curtain just in case.
romantics always think that accents are the answer
and box of cheap candy,babys breath in their flowers

I had this memory the other day: