how I came about knowing nothing

hello void
hello tenacious
welcome mat
with a worn out spelling of the words
"buzz off"
printed in bold ink
centered on a 50x30
wicker square

as you walk in

"oh....oh... your allergies,we have a cat"

And I stay awake
and I cry
and I dare myself
to be a better version
of the original

i reinvent every time I shed my skin
is it winter yet?

every once in a while
I am haunted by how
the human race is
juxtaposed to God

every once in awhile
i'm humbled by my own reflection
or even just speaking words

because not an inch of my passion
was invented by me
and not a freckle
a mole
on my body
was something I had planned out
something i had schemed.

because he is a genius
and I am a sack of bones with skin
because he is magnificent

and he went instead
and he went instead

o lord,o lord

you went instead

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