hotel beds and ocean dreams

on my birthday i wore the wrong dress,fell into a hotel bed sobbing and laughing with a few girlfriends who cheered me up and as they fell off to sleep i spoke on the telephone to a california dream and he was brave for me,and very sweet.  for my next love I'm going to wear his name on the back of my leather jacket which seems alot cooler than wearing a heart on your sleeve. i think the loneliness has been eating me up believe it or not + i don't think you get used to a nun heart when you've been created for romance and things. even with the spirit living inside me i think its alright that I'm thirsty.keeping to the pace of nature. living in "the ocean of truth"..thankful for this grand ole gift called LIFE. i remain loving and affectionately yours.  spirit,soul,body,heartbeat                                            xx.