i the spider

i felt the moment from miles away my entire spine felt it first after this it is the 89 hours of shaking inside my heart,like a familiar chest pain racing blood laying on a certain antique rug with my legs bare moving back and forth soaking up the sensations of aged tapestries spinning in vibrations from the earth this floor is my crystal ball with its obligation set in its weaving and this groovy lying this laying down this holding slash laying on of hands and i the spider: spinning webs of moody storms-clouds of tears hit the floor with rays of laughter crowned as the joke,the fool of the ball, sunshine is not welcome because we weave our webs only by the night and no one is at the door with the exception of my paranoia who stands three feet away with his deep set eyes his hands bursting wavelets of painful prophecy's (more like curses and spells!) GRAND we feel it together on a count of rain
ah ha! 
superstition takes 1st place!
i the spider,will die when i am finished 
i the spider, will be killed without even two thoughts to it
i the spider, so small yet so powerful
i the spider, dark and complicated
I the quiet spider,with a million thread count history of
marking my territory where i see fit:
haunted houses
mystery attics
abandoned chapels
lions dens
living rooms of the evil

i the spider
spin cycle
i the spider
the spider :
on the rug
lay dead

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