every moment shared with you 
I would ask god to make them endless
all too short,never enough
don't get out of this bed
don't get on the train
im too cold
you're so safe
don't let me push you away
days now are: moments without you
adding up
i don't want to break
it feels endless because it is endless
it feels.

maybe i'm a spirit and nothing more.                    

some house inside me was burning
and they are dragging me over to the graveyard
my knees buckle,i vomit all over my shoes
they say close your eyes but keep your ears open
how about: a tombstone 
for them to visit 
in place of their obsession with the girl i was in a dark time
you are pushing me back 
inside the black hole that keeps me,here.
maybe i'm supposed to stand over the grave
maybe if you take it back,you don't ever get it back.
you know something? 
I'm very sad without you.