a little bit of loneliness would do you some good.

i got this sickness,and its keeping me a little down

hes got this mouth that don't stop screaming
she has this tongue that feels like a knife. 
all the while hes bleeding on my white dress 

and shes stabbing me
and i keep digging deeper.
trying to bury all of yesterday. 
this is dead,the flag has been white 
for a million days you sharp, sharp shooter
stop this,stop this shooting at me.
your doomy sorrow holds no weight.

i might be sick and frail and a woman
but i am not afraid anymore.
you sharp, sharp shooter.
you starving bird. 
you freezing mind. 
warm yourself by the fire. 
eat a history book. 

a little bit of loneliness,would do you some good
a little solitude and alot of grace. 

you coward of a lion. 
you sheep of a woman. 
look down at this grave
see my hands
look at me in the face
what now of all your pain? 
are you quite finished?
shoot me again and watch what happens
i might be frail but i will not break.