its bleeding

if you heard the screeching
and you saw the markings
when you saw the figure
in the doorway
collecting all the dark things
if you if you if you

i was sitting on this
trying to tell you that:

to posses in your mind
to posses in your mind
to posses in your mind

i.a single soul.shall not be possessed
i a single soul,inside this flesh;femme: I am just a soul
whose purpose is to float-to be-to love-to give-to give-to give to love to be.
of all the earthly things- i count pleasure to be the least satisfying
i find touch to be:not lasting
i find words:empty

i am just a spirit
who lives in this house
of flesh colored mold
with eyes,and ears and hair and a nose.

i could hear the buildings breaking
the fingernails of 3 little ghost
on city towers
on my hair
back all the hours

i floated to:central park
and saw the trees weeping
a homeless woman grabbed my hand and she started bleeding
i didn't even pull away
i just hugged her and said
you know that we are just the same?

i heard the weeping
i felt the black.i felt it rising
it echos,its bleeding.