the beast the wind and the tree

i felt this from a thousand night skies away
the future of the past
you spell yourself out- in the clouds
you hide yourself in your sheets
of doubt.

rain came and it washed up all new feelings
more beautiful that the first batch
that got us here

the ones that ripped me up
and spit you out

a heart that begged to break
from the start

remember that moment  you took in vain?

the bones in my face
are weeping
they are raining out
every single feeling

you were rubbing my hands
and i was stroking your hair
telling you how perfect you were
and this wasn't the start
it was closer to the finish

In the forrest we gathered
beams and bark
bugs and sand
honeycomb and dark

a treehouse  made up of true love
and a little bit of rope for good measure

a bed with solar blankets  and dancing stars
a pillow from the ocean

how romantic.

the exotic bird that learned my name
was borrowing our feathers
for his night flight

you bear of a man.
you beast.

once again:

the wind was distancing herself
from me.

at night i went missing

i just needed to rest my head in beds of flowers and moss
and run my fingers through the sand.

you bear
you beast.