forestry orbe

could we have a moment of silence for the anonymous aching going on inside of this realm,please.

did I die in the middle of the night?
where was my body this morning?
not on  my bed.
not in the bathtub.
she wasn't even outside!
Was she trapped in the atmosphere? Along with all the other
sad hearted women-broken hearted spirits.

Does this explain the dark clouds under my eyes?
I am  not. i am not a figment! . . .anymore.
On my soul leaving:
That explains
The way my eyelashes have bent into rainbooms
frowning over the Atlantic ocean: 
I am doomed by someones translucent tongue.

He has taken me by the spine
and clung tightly to my white hair
he's dragged me through gardens through the thistles & the branches

my knees are bleeding my elbows are screaming
my spine is cracking
while you notice and kiss me on eyelids,each.

Oh reckless desire,oh butterfly brigade,oh heavy heart,you both must tranquilize yourselves before you get us both into trouble.