tray table up

I am thinking about how long overseas flights are and how many times I have opted out of watching the in flight movie because it wasn't "sad enough". I don't remember the first time I met you but I do remember the first time I felt like you were worth haunting. It must of been that day you tripped over your shoelaces and your face turned red and you looked up at me immediately to see if I had noticed. I did. However I am an actor and work is hard to come by nowadays so we take any role we can get. My role : oblivious space cadet who did not notice your clumsy embarrassment

This morning while eating a foundational breakfast I mostly just made lists of things & insignificant happenings.

  • my old best friend.only wore his fathers hammy downs from the 60's. until that day he brought home a designer pair of trousers.
  • where are you?
  • pale pools
  • rips
  • rough wind
  • ability to cry when necessary
  • unpaid speeding ticket
  • poker face
  • homeless babies
  • pastels on wood
  • skinned my knee @ amusement park in 01'
  • the little girl that fell into a well
  • gold mining
  • my first kiss
  • infinity
  • people are afraid of heaven
  • Marlon Brando
  • little women with wynona rider
  • front row/sunday dress
  • groupings
  • pairings
  • solar freckles on my back
  • spelling out romantic sayings on your arm
  • you're illiterate so there is no point
  • books on trees
  • burying everything
  • lakes that are broken/broken lakes
  • tracing paper
  • subtitles set in Portuguese

What is the worst thing that i have done so far this morning.What does that mean. I can't even finish a bowl of cereal. I am not worth it ,I am worth it.