I have never been wonderful.

I have never been that wonderful
At patience
My heart does not seem to speak this language of
rhythm laced in con

I can't remember 

the last time I stopped to ask for a translation.

I have never been that wonderful
with affection
eager is as eager does 
some how my words have not been enough

I wish you well all day long!
I wished for you that one day I was lost
in a new city
on a whole new continent even!

I was searching and searching for your face in my mind
It was perfect and it made me feel safer
even though you were seas away
with a heart that belonged to another sailor

Being feminine is about obtaining
a delicate 
romantic imagination.

There was so much movement in the clouds today!

My mind kept remembering memories that have yet to happen...

Remember that day we will go swimming
in the Atlantic with rose buds on our lips
and seashells on our knuckles?

Remember that day we will be all caught up in
And we will build sand castles made out of 
pterodactyl bones and cement shapes?

remember that day you couldn't


you had two left handed feet?

On days that rain I feel like I am just about the most ghostly creature to ever be. 
On days like these I wish I was more wonderful
for you,for you only.