Baby Bunny Blitsy.

A true/tiny bit fictional fairytale
 taken from a magical day 
inside my childhood.

i woke up to specks of glitter!
all over my white sheets...
all over my spine... and even a bit of sparkly specks
had fallen to my torso and my baby feet!

There was a glow coming from the tapestries
hanging above the french windows
that my mother had designed for my bedroom
years and years ago.

These tapestries were from Russia
they were perfect
baby pink with a floral repetition

I remember it well, the sound of magic
the first time I heard the sound of magic

If I was four years old then I would be shocked
Looking back,I remember that I had never felt so old...
that day that I first heard the sound of magic,of course.

The story begins like this:

Once Upon A Time

It was snowing outside.

I was searching for
My Bunny Muff Coat
The one with the white fur 
& the muff attached
to the sleeve
with a snow colored string.

My Bunny Muff Coat
it was approximately 
2 feet tall
half the size
of me
my four year old baby body.

We were late!
We were late!
I was searching for it in everysingle place!!

I looked in the cupboard
I looked up in the big oak trees
I searched in my bedroom
I sorted through the laundry
I looked in the parlour
I looked down the street
I looked on the staircase
I looked in the mirror
I looked in the garden
I looked in the coat room
I looked in the basement
I looked in the attic
I looked in the garage
I looked in my mothers secret drawer
(the one with all the lacey things)
I looked in the cookie jar
I looked inside the piano: between the ivory keys
I even looked in the bathtub 
and in the washroom sink!

I was coming to conclusions that:
My coat was done for
My coat had run away from home
My coat had gone missing!

I was feeling quite hopeless
I was feeling quite sad
I was feeling like this
I was feeling like that.

I was feeling like this-
 was just about the strangest mystery!

Now it was half passed three
And the Car was honking
with my mother inside
she was
Calling for me.

My mother was saying:

Lola! you are going to be late! You are going to be absent for your recital all your hard work,down...down the drain!
It was my first voice recital.
I was singing something childish
I was singing a love song from that movie
Beauty And The Beast.

I will be right there momma!
I must find my Bunny Muff Coat
Without it I am not really me
Without it I will just not feel
right,I will feel funny.

As I rehearsed the words
that were temporally stuck inside my memory

I heard a sound of rainbows

I heard noises that only ghosts make
when they are about to leave earth for good

I heard a voice
I felt a wind push me to the woods!
it beckoned me to:
go look for your bunny coat
in a place that was
dark and spooky
A place
not pretty
A place
not cute
and not cuddly

To the backyard I went
I tip toed on my feet
I felt like a spy who was
not even four foot three

Through the forest I crept
I was breaking lots and lots of branches
with my saddle loafer feet
I was feeling all the spooks 
creep on my back
they were creeping on my legs
they were stroking my hair
with there ghostly branch fingers
they were kissing my cheek
with the coldest of lips
I've ever felt.

this moment was
like icicles melting
on a hot summer street
the street being my baby cheek

Towards the end of the path 
I felt this whole story
coming to a perfect end.

I heard music and laughter 
I heard teacups great each other
I heard biscuits being eaten
Balloons were coming to life!
And paper was being ripped
from a box-the sound 
of a gift!
I heard noises only perfect love
could come up with
noises only the best kind of love
could compose,could orchestrate.

And then....right before my eyes...In the middle of this the middle of all these perfectly tiny the middle of all this magic...all this magic that was set before my ears ....I saw it:

Three little bunnies
Inside there little rabbit hole
10 feet deep
Celebrating Baby Bunny Blitsy
It was her three year old Bunny Birthday!
They were celebrating. . .
over biscuits and tea!
and ballons and music!
and glitter and streamers!
And cupcakes and lots & lots of wonderful tiny bunny things!

This might seem like an avereage event to you,reader
However there is somehthing i've failed to mention,
...something that still haunts me

You might even be saying to yourself:

Don't all bunnies have birthdays like this?
with cupcakes and magic and biscuits and tea?

Baby Bunny Blitsy was wearing my bunny coat
And she looked so beautiful...
She looked even lovelier than me!

My mouth moved to ask for it back
but no such words came out
nope,not one bit
no such words left my baby mouth

Instead I formend the smallest little
dasiy chain crown you have ever seen!
I placed it over her fury bunny head
I crowend her with my fullest heart
I decorated her rightfully.

Yes,today on her birthday...Baby Bunny Blitsy was Queen!

I left that bunny hole with
a smile on my face
I skipped all the way home
through the forest
through the backyard
with a smile on my face

The Ghost even left me alone!
They must of fallen,back to sleep.

When my mother asked me where my coat was
and why I looked like a silver snowflake
why I looked freezing

I just smiled and said....

-momma,I donated it

-to where lola? she said
to whom did you give away your favorite thing?!
she exclaimend

To Royality. I said.

As I reached for my blue peacoat
that did not have a muff
just three buttons 
the fourth had gone missing
it was warm and it was enough.

And this was the story
of the first time 
I ever heard the sound of magic
the first time I ever met a Queen
all thanks to Baby Bunny Blitsy
oh...and Beauty And The Beast.