the calender of a coward.

we think back to
the christmas that just wasn't frozen
the very sky that refused to snow
the summer my knees bled & bled
more than your bloody nose.

I tuck myself into-a chair
end of november
my lips are swollen from
the beating of such a cold air
I hear the clock bring it all to a close
as I beg december
to take it slow.

tick tock
tick tock
30 days lost.

My reading glasses are non- existent
as I am making a list of all the things
I wish i could see more clearly :traffic lights,eyelashes,baby carrots,8 sized font,sub-titles,baby teethe,baby hair,my future,your face,our hearts.

Unfourtunatley I make this descien:
I write one million vulnerabilities 
and place them all inside your mailbox.

they are stamped and they are unmarked.

I walk by every street I could ever reach
but its yours I avoid
its yours I will not seek.

pale fingertips
a pale moon
a diluted spark
within the
transparent expression's
of your face.
reciting a desaturated
of two white doves
and two black clouds
that ruined all there fun.

we aren't just weather anymore,baby.
you are not my moon.and I am not your sun.