ring of transparency

both my eyes were turning the same color
of the sea or perhaps
 I've become a human mood ring.

Don't you find comfort in self  predictability's?
aware of:
sad months green
melancholic yellow tangerine
happy moments- the color of naivety.

there's not much to say with the language your body speaks
suddenly you find yourself with a lack
of words.
your sitting across from a new phenomenon-legs crossed
I cant believe you agreed to come-hes saying in a loud tone.
your asking him to keep it down. in your mind
I ask the waiter for seven more cups of ice water

my hands are folded tightly in my lap at this point
and my shoulders are facing west
my hair is a mass of exclamation,points.
there is not much of an explanation for
my current: condition.

and magic is not made,thank you
its just an illusion consisting of
perfect symmetry.

speaking of cemeteries
and symmetries

i find these two blood brothers. ones that were separated in 
that foreign hospital's nursery
 somewhere in the Czech somewhere
whose mommy was a sick baby deer
a pop with priorities other than 
a couple of matching does.

on heartbreak
I've never blamed anyone except myself for any source of pain.

ill ache when I want to ache thank you very much.