I have no doubt

I tell my love to wreck it all

the inevitable
is outside your window
rocks in a marble sack-its nearly three
and your opening your window
 for the final time
inviting him to climb up.

one last time.

We always knew my youth was idle
and my insides quite pure

Remember the day you decided
that my idiosyncrasies
were not mature enough

for salty earth
tongue and cheek lectures
filled with pride filled with me
standing there crying

like a baby
two days old.

those speeches from your wrinkled old mouth
your thirty year old mouth

of what it means to grow old
as if someone so new could even know?

well honey, if this is what age does to folk
bitter pauses and the absence of love notes
ill stick to drinkin from this well

i sat down next to your side
your ribcage was as fragile as ever

my hands were like knives
dull knives.

remember that day we sat there for so long?

why don't you breathe more

it takes up too much time.

I know what I sign up for
I know what you were thinkin'
when you handed me that pen

skip to the part where I'm crying again
you scream it was all such a waist of time and you end it with a question mark

i let my love wreck it all

yes,he says,your right.

eventually baby
someday honey
we have a chance to make it work out all right.