les couleurs

I was making up my future all wrapped up around his finger. If you only spoke my translations.
I could survive inside of your thoughts without food or water for centuries.

When i dream:
I am pitching a teepee.
A beautiful abode
inside of your coffee colored heart.
I am roasting vegetables over a campfire next to
and right beside your membranes.
I am tan and my teethe are whiter than
arabian sand.
And we are holding hands,together inside a human frame.

I arrived here with empty pockets on a camel who was barebacked.

this is how I came here,this is how i left.

this is how I stay busy
connecting our harmonies like chicken pocks
17,18,19 ..one hundred thousand and eleven.

oh my arabian colored cradeld heart!
I open wide for the tooth doctor who said I had nice eyes
which was really flattering

he said nothing of my biecusbids

what about francis?

oh how i ponder his days
oh how i wish he would
assist me in my evoloution.
won't you want me a little longer?

I was given the best gift on earth
brown packaging/lilac string

A chance to prove my femininity
to the gods. and just like that
it was taken from me.
thank you,emmaline.

I should of learned to knit at a much younger age.

well, I must be leaving now to purchase stamps for this letter
can you belive I have to pay for three!?

oh and also

i still love you.