eggs part 2

Tuesday night 11:58 pm

some nights i would just sit in front of the mirror and spell out paragraphs all in Spanish and then translate them to french and then debate if i really wanted to finish my robios tea or not. mostly not. tea reminds me of England and we all know what happened with that ...nothing...absoultley nothing.
Francis was coming today and he would notice the spider bites on my arms so i decided to wear a cardigan,the one with the huge yellow buttons. i didn't want him to see my spider bites because he always seemed to worry about me living here on this buggy continent.

i always wake up thinking about which foot should hit the ground first
competitive feet.
and between cafes and train stations and fallen leaders I've ended up quite the regular creature.

sometimes i would paint these pictures with all these white sails and precious little baby faces then i would slap myself back into reality and quickly draw up a hallway with loads of ghost and drugs and stuff.

and that is how i became so greenish grey.
between the most colorful man in the world
and the one wearing black
i pick a
because b often wants to stay the same

Fatima kept phoning Francis and it made me nervous because how am i not good enough?

i have never been compared to a ying yang.

oh ps. it rained today.