please hang up and try again.

great things come from the restoration
after a failure
rather than starting over again.

sometimes it is difficult for us to breathe
as humans we build walls
and then we build damns
and years and years go by
and the water rises up
and we convince ourselves
that nothing will break
nothing will leak
and our worst fears
will go away.
I hate lies.
I hate when you think
you are the only one
because no matter what
you have done
no matter what
you do
you are never the only one.
"there is nothing new under the sun"
so many artist despise this verse
I adore it because
it reminds me i am not the only one.

1 comment:

valerielee said...

i always feel like i am the only one to have done something when i've failed at it. this is a good reminder that even during the failures, someone else has done this before. good stuff.