i feel so young i feel so old

I feel so young
my habbits seem
immposible to break
my handwritting is
something way too flirty
somethinhg my mother tells me
needs to change.

I feel so young
I laugh when its not okay
give money and hugs
to the homless couple
down on brodway

I feel so young
like the world
is mine to change

like there is something more
something new for me
everysingle day.

I feel so old
I don't like silly things
I don't turn red when a glass breaks
or when you say my name

I feel so old
I don't understand your games
why play checkers and the game
of chase
when I stopped running
in the first palce

I feel so old
there are wrinkels
forming new shapes
around my eyes
and on my lips

breakable like plates
breakable like plates

I feel so old
I don't despise these wrinkels at all
for they all hold lovely memories
of that trip to the ocean
or that jog by the sea

I feel so young
I feel so old
I feel so juxaposed.

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