Walking through a fire
the ruins
of things you have set right
and things you have set apart
on your way to the slaughter
or in his case
a 9-5 with a mug and
dental care
the mark of
the anti failure
and we yelled
these ruins
that do not look like ruins
with the sunlight pouring over
your cup
He asked me why my mind was so closed
I said,ha
its not
i have
seen that world
like a blind set of eyes healed
your fathers beard
morning sun, that bright
for the first time
no glasses to yeild
and magnificent, each dawn,each stone.
and every moment slips,and every moment seems to go
and you can't hold it,
you can't hold any of it. and im crying for you to stay
clinging on
her face,walks,prances,dances away frm you
the stoneage through the new age
the smell of my wrist
the sounds that you make
the quickness of our hearts
set in pace
no one can enter
the perfect circle
your geomotry
that you solved
that you made
that circle
of dead space
you just
seem to stay, stay inside,
mourning because it is clean.
Then there's the girl, in the white dress,
meaning purity, or the failure of nothinless
to be any colour but this! She has no choice, it's truth
The arms that held up the air
the kiss the banished the waves

Everything has come to now
everything will come to pass
you win each time
with a smile and still ...two dimes
Only a girl like this
can know what's happened to you because she did it
If your mother could see you now
if your lover could hold you now
reach out and shun her
with absent hands
if the wind could swoon you now
she would

if my hands could find you in the dark
they would vanish
absent minds
absent hands
solice solice