three little lines

was dreaming in sentances
both declarative and short.

oh, its fine that you woke me.

I was only one exclamation point away.

I keep leaving this mountain
i was tucked into

won't you remind me to stay?

In respose to your question:
I fill up these hours
then seal them shut.

Today I was searching
I was searching in secret

put my hands inside of my pockets and dug
dug in hopes to retrive something more from you
perhaps not such dead eyes
your stupid eyes.they are so dead.
wont you tell them to wake up?

your pain
your torment
your self obsession
like an autobiography
stuck to your pale face

I'de rather just read the backcover
or maybe just the last page
but no
your words are all in bold print.

forcing. forcing me to read.

you are selfish. i am selfish. we are all such sinners.

a homelss woman asked me for food yesterday
instead I held out just a handfull of spair change

she shook her head,and walked away.

I had let her down. I had let myself down.

Dogooders&Saints-so holy they seem
Little school girls with there textbooks and braids
the poor
the starved
the whores
the vain

how are we all the same?

I walked to the post office twice today.
In my hands was a postcard
to be sent somplace quite far away
I told the clerk

"please don't read the back"

I left the office & returned after one hour & a half

" you read it ....didnt you!? , I' m not as lonley as I seem"

He kept trying to explain.

I dozed off again
dreaming this time only in exclamation points
It was hard to make out
alot of that mumbo jumbo kinda talk

All your words start to sounds the same
in french.
What have you stolen?
what have you given back?

please just wake me up.