sore legs
they are constantly reminding me of
all the races I have won
and the races I have yet to see.


thats quite enough
of everything.

They all sip there drinks
at the village bar
I asked for a water
with a coaster,

I find myself repeating
repeating stories of the past
like vomit
that keeps coming up
its all coming up so fast.

I remember prague
and i remind you
once again.

I remember that clock
and then I remember truth.

the bartender is married
so he won't grow out his beard.

his wife is tall
she is weak

and I am strong
and I am young

and my heart questions everything
everything I have become.

promises. and silent pauses
gazes and lilly pads :sitting alone.

all these things are the same to me

I sit down and think about what i've done
you have done
we have done

and what is this Pinnacle?

what is this pinnacle

we all are waiting for

one moment we have
to prove

to legitamitize ourselves to God?

and when my moment comes

will I cry?

and when your moment leaves you

will you even understand
the subject line.

broken english
palm reading

what will translate our greatness?

will our moments ever come?
or will they pass us by?

I am young.
I am strong.

and this is all stored
under an empty subject line.