ship wrecked

could we have met by chance?
a glitch
glitch in the system of falling,
falling too fast.

i hope it was a mistake
not a plan,set in the stars
cause if so then i blame myself
I can't blame you.

did we not create our own map?
growing paper by the night
planting its seeds in our fertile dreams

i cant even blame the stars. i hate these mistakes.
I want to blame those stars.

i dont care what they say. my heart will never cease to ache.

And when you marry her. And I am not even a memory.

I will ache. And I will weep.

those stupid lies I told myself.

your ways
will always remain

a bitter taste

a stubborn stain.

and you were my painting

and my first letter of wanting.

I could of been more

I could of been prettier

but that would not of been enough

and what is so wrong with my habbits

in the first place.

you were the ship
i crowend myself the sails
all we had was the ocean
and that was enough
because you
you were my ship

and youth was our storm
the nievity of our youth
the grey storm came
and broke eveything

i remain isolated on this isalnd
and you went away
because thats what boys do

they play hide and seek

the funny thing about hide in seek is

you cant play it alone

the funny thing about you is

you didnt know.

1 comment:

Allie, Dearest said...

"the story" of my life.
like five stories ago.
and four.
and three.
and two.

no more.
my stomach hurts and i want off this ride.