You were once here--
sitting next to me,
breathing at the same pace,
knowing me better than I knew myself.
I was convinced for awhile
whatever spell you casted was strong enough to bind me
Till death
And so I drove
With you
To the end of the road
And back again.

Hands and feet and heart and a constant need for you and your nearness and your familiar touch.

Your strange anonymous spirit.

With a closed heart you marched around me 7 times
Praying for the walls of Jericho to fall and so they fell just as you summoned
Boundaries blown
Unarmed and reaching out for no one

Death was the goal,right?
Shut me down
make my soul match yours
Watch as it stops shining...
See how you've killed the light?

You were cruel to kill me and call it love.

The violence ends and the wounds are just beginning to surface.
Years go by and the blood will still be wet and the weeping at night will still be fresh.
And you go on.
Stealing light from another girl whose life you want to posses.
I've heard demons tremble when they hear the name of Jesus-
But his name is the one you hide behind.
Demons tremble and you hold a straight and steady pace?
For the rest of my life:go away.
What's worse than a demon who stalks you day and night?
A man so driven to be his own God-
Wickedness is not difficult for me to define.
You and you're witchcraft and the summer you tried to take my life.
Don't touch me
Don't reach for me
Just stay oceans away
In the mountains in your routine on your throne you built yourself worshiping your mystic parade:insane.