he is probably keeping that gun in the pocket inside his jacket that knife inside his running shoes that poison in his medicine cabinet next to the razor he uses to cut apart everything good you ever gave him hes probably spinning the lighter between his thumbs as he walks down the street that you made him and hes holding the lighter that you gave him, the one he used hours ago to burn down the very house you built together and when his foot hits a stone misplaced on the sidewalk he doesn't seem to show any emotion on his face he keeps walking this time at a faster pace and the stone stays in the same location and he is unaware this stone was once his weapon of choice it was the very stone he threw in all his glass houses with you. the weather changes and now its raining in the city and everyone starts complaining and the cabs are all occupied so he takes the a train instead and sits next to a man reading the village voice and and he doesn't even know what the village voice is because he's never cared about anything except himself and reading anything other than magazines with his picture  the train stops a homeless kid gets on and stands directly in front of him the kid begins her salesman speech the whole thing involves buying 15 candy bars and the money will be going towards a trip to washington dc. the girl tries hard but soon realizes this is going nowhere. the kid gets off at the next stop and 12 minutes later he gets off at his stop. an attractive woman approaches him & asks him where he is from and he replies nowhere and he walks away 
he is going nowhere today.