We have not lost a thing.

Few and far between-
spring to summer chemicals held on so sweet
 and you are untouched despite the company you keep

weigh the cost  right now
against all odds,against all the news ,against tradition and against the modern mood

from the laughter to the sobs we store like food
few and far between.

holding on for more than just your mouth
reaching high above a mind, a mood, a swing.
With my eyes closed tight, gasping through the sheets:
one hand gripping, one lung pausing
one more go -
for you my love: i gasp, i pray, i speak.

And his eyes so deep i felt responsible
for your mood
the swing
the current that stops it all from taking it's place, emotionally.

As we move away
the family packs up all their things
that station wagon wave 
as a little girl you say goodbye to everything
praying,turn this car around or sink
we left the swing we left the swing we left the swing.

Then the trees change
with taller legs you attach to different things

Rare from what the fog allows us to see-
 you were my lake,my king.
Foggy like a mind bent out of shape,
i was taking it in i was taking responsibility. 

solitude or circumstance
hibernate or leave me back with a heart that's been made weak
by your graceful power and your eyes like poison to me

and the sun lets in
the rolling hills,the words we keep 
sucking in.

You were living on the edge
of what i thought was love or loving 
were we dying, babe...or were you just that weak?

Sun rising in, sun rising in, sun never setting in... for you darling

Was i starving for you? 
we sit down... we stand ,we drink. 
But not a chance in hell I've held out for just a dream.
some more thoughts for me to eat

The truth stands still, as still as can be...
all the words that hit me from your mouth help me to sleep
alone with the circumstance's ....near you and nearly gone i count the weeks
all the words you keep you hold help me to sleep.

the truth is what sets it free
the truth is that we have not lost a thing
the truth is that your words sing me to sleep

the truth is: we have not lost a thing.