hands are for healing and that's it.

day 3 "the ocean"
look there  falcon 
the sea has brought us a child!
seaweed,the oceans version of tumble weed.
so its common? shall i not photograph it?
eh , that's no baby,baby stop with this imagination. 
i agree with him through my body language
moment in the ocean continues for 20 minutes
i was mostly thinking
wont you stand over my shoulder
and guard me from the dangerous sun
wont you stand near my shoulder
at 530pm

day 5  "the land"

what words are worth it?
 you  tend to ask me 
the same things.

i stood there
like a piece of art
energy goes 
towards you,blank: silent its your turn to speak

why do you get all that strength,falcon?
no answer
a pin drops
from the clutch of his fingertips
his eyes meet mine now
just two familiar faces 
challenge me man
always throwing papers yelling
"hold me
(in public)

the living room is awful 
standing 100 % still 
not even breathing,i am just standing as
he takes a drink of water from
a glass from yesterday
drinking dusty water right in front of my face!
you idiot.
he drinks again and mutters:
turn pale-- turn fragile-- turn into-living dead poetry!
come on with it
show off
spark or anything!

i was angry ....how dare you tell me to be what i already am
are you,you....mocking me?

with half a smile and 3 pairs of socks on my feet i take off all pairs of socks and i pour myself out onto the g r o u n d
laying face down on our rug from Moscow
my hands empty
he watches as i lay
what he said
even knowing it
till now.

day 9 -notes to self
  • someone is always lying
  • do do do do do do doo something to:
  • stay awake

      • Draw a Circle
    • Draw a Bath
  • Voices are healing or poison.
  • Hands are always for healing.
  • The earth is the Glory of God
  • The signs 
  • The famous lines
  • of lifelessness brought to us by.... you.... by...... YOU!
  • All that is mortal is but a symbol.
  • none of these hallucinations nor any of the disgusting spirits have any meaning other than :
  • the human eye remembers the colors of electronics
  • i have no power over that.
  • nun hearted