baby you're the only light i ever saw.

oh,how it feels like one million days apart
i self destruct-ed
i tore us down,i tore it apart
now as i rebuild:my brain,my heart,my body
i'm seeing all my faults
all i know is-i don't think I can go one more year without you

please-come talk to me
lay down beside me
lay here forever
stay with me all night

when i broke us apart
i put one million miles between us
and watched as my heart broke-down and down and down

and we both have goals and lives jobs and futures and daily routines
but i don't want any of that without you by my side

this love never stopped for me

now im silent most days. alone.i mourn the loss
of all that was.

please don't give up, i love you till the end
i fight to get better more than anything now
because you deserve a love that's strong and takes care of you

please,come talk to me.