dance in the darkness run to the light

took a little hit to the head
blood and lace 
unraveling on
a sick craving for violence,it kept you fed.

a haunted hotel room, waiting for a knock on the door
its funny how the ghost show up,when i need you the most

but the times are hard,and my skin is soft
my hair is light and yours is dark
side by side,a million seas apart.

we dove. i was told- to hold my breath
not to breathe. now darling
where did you go?
i was told to go down,down with the trees
and you were made for me

black on black with
blurred evenings
rushing through the mornings
long lost walk home
haunted history.
the wind and the snow
my shaking knees

i love you
more than she does
more than you know

i love each part of you
the dark,the sick,the mean,the hidden,the lovely

i was told "hold your breath"-not to leave.
darling, my darling spring
i'm drowning.