Into the depths of the sea

ah the looming:
of sadness.
a black dog
your every step
oh the shame
 shackles of a single ---thought.

that is :sleeping in your bed--
that is :holding your hand--
stroking your hair--

--kissing your mouth--

--clinging to your back--


i kick the very thing
that bites my legs-
and my heart
i scream i scratch i cry

torment is no longer.
day or night.

i choose to forget
i choose to kill
the very thought
that shames me
i choose to be:
a new creature-
by choosing light.

i am not who he says i am
i am not who i was
10 years ago-or last year-or last night

i am
a new

this is not deserved
this was not an afterthought

i regain
all that was lost

by blood
by blood
i am nothing
i am new
i am new

cast away
are the all those things
that torment you
into the depths of the sea.

we are new.

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