taller than the trees

the love you almost had
the love you had
the love who will never love you-the way....you thought
the love you will never love enough
the love I have-
greater than wordly value,than rubies,than trees or the wind or the soil within the earth
stronger than the most determined tied.
The Sea cries out-and you don't even look-you don't even see.
I wait,and I trry-to reach you: once,twice....a billion  times inside my head
With these waves of nausea- i wake up. questioning
look at my hands,they were even sweating.!
and how shall we tear down these built up
of how it could have
or would have
a wall is not built alone,or in a specific way.
till this day,I ask why
the same ole' question,the same ole tide

yes,i loved.and no, I am not calling it a day.